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245 N. Waco, Suite 160
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 613-4747
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When you rely on technology for every aspect of your business — communication, sales, customer service and more — having rock-solid IT is critical. At Concergent IT, our expert technicians offer the reliability, affordability and responsiveness you need to run at peak efficiency 24/7/365.
8-5 staffing, 24/7 support, consultation, maintenance, troubleshooting and morelearn more
Scalable co-location with guaranteed power and 99.999% uptimelearn more
Hardware, software, licenses and more — we can provide all of your IT needs. learn more
Our professional services give you continuous access to the business processes you need, whether it's designing a new business technology solution or optimizing an existing one. From strategic planning to proactive maintenance to support and troubleshooting, we help you realize the maximum return on your technology investments.

When continual data access is absolutely critical, the Concergent IT Data Center is your solution. The Data Center is virtually disaster-proof, reducing the possibility of downtime due to power, connectivity or environmental issues. That means your customers, systems and information are always connected.

OTTO® DSB offers off-site data backup that can minimize the damage from a server or hard drive crash. It's affordable, easy to install, easy to use and guaranteed to keep your business moving forward in case of a technical or natural disaster.


While today's technology is impressive, it's not invincible. So chances are pretty good that sooner or later you'll experience a server crash . . . or a downed power line . . . or a printing disruption. . . or a virus-corrupted hard drive . . . or one of several other unfortunate possibilities. Concergent IT's wide range of business continuity services can help minimize the amount of productivity and revenue lost to technological failures.